Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Regent Chinese Cuisine @ Plaza Mont Kiara

Set lunches at Plaza Mont Kiara's elegant new Chinese restaurant currently comprise noodle soups with accompaniments like wontons, shrimp balls, pork balls and Fuzhou fish balls, completed with vegetables and tea. Pretty satisfying, with fresh, well-tuned flavours and textures, clocking in at RM23.80++ per person. 

We're still waiting for this restaurant (which originally opened ahead of Chinese New Year) to introduce an a la carte menu - its respected master chef has extensive experience in Hong Kong and the Klang Valley, but for now, The Regent only seems to accept advance orders for any dishes beyond these set meals. The service leader appeared disinterested in offering much information or warmth when we visited this week.

The Regent Chinese Cuisine
Block A, Plaza Mont Kiara, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-6211-3331 or 03-6211-3336

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Three Journey Cafe @ Cheras Traders Square

Three Journey Cafe's sweet treats might prove a thrill for the young at heart - the signature DIY Unique Glaze (RM15.90) surfaces at the table with a flamboyant flourish, with a mirror glaze of white chocolate that's meant to be poured over passion fruit yogurt mousse for a playfully patterned chilled dessert.

We also had fun with the fragrantly floral French rose tea soft serve, layered with honeyed cornflakes and lychee jelly (RM12.90), unicorn-themed cake pop (RM9.90) and green tea charcoal chiffon cake (RM6.90) - all the makings of a cheerful afternoon break.

Three Journey takes customers on a complete voyage beyond desserts - there's also crowd-pleasing all-day brunch fare, from luscious guacamole over house-baked muesli bread with sunny-side-up eggs, tomatoes and a salad with a citrus dressing (RM22) to fried Cajun-spiced chicken fingers with pesto scrambled eggs and lime zest honey mustard sauce (RM24).

Go organic for the beverages - the cafe relies on coffee beans roasted by KL's Organic Coffee Affair Malaysia (OCAM); there's also bottled organic ginger soda by Australia's Melbourne Soda Co.

Service is warm and welcoming.

Three Journey Cafe
153A-G, Jalan Dataran Cheras 9, Cheras Traders Square, Selangor. 
Open Tues-Thurs, 11am-10pm, Fri-Sun, 11am-11pm. Tel: 03-9082-1080

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Trattoria Dei Bracconieri @ Como, Italy

Blessed with a verdant hillside view, Trattoria Dei Bracconieri serves tantalising specialities typical of this Italian region, such as risotto with fried perch from Lake Como and saracene buckwheat pasta with sausage meat and porcini mushrooms.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Natrabu Minang Restaurant @ Bangsar

Natrabu makes a welcome comeback in Malaysia: The Indonesian purveyor of West Sumatra's Padang fare has resurfaced in KL, bringing classic Minangkabau cooking to Bangsar.

Tantalising touchstones of this cuisine span the quintessential gulai braised with beef tendons (RM10) or jackfruit and long beans (RM6) to classic recipes that pop with colour and flavour, including ayam pop (RM18; chicken stewed with coconut milk), telur balado merah (RM4; hard-boiled egg with ground red chilli sauce) and sambal hijau (RM4; green chillies mixed with fermented shrimp paste and lime juice, pounded with a pestle and mortar) - essentially Indonesian small plates, suitable for sharing in a vibrant, vivid spread that'll fill the table. 

Come hungry, since there's much more to savour, from daging cincang sapi to paru goreng, sayur daun singkong to terong tempeh balado; complete the meal with rice, dragonfruit juice and coffee.

Natrabu's history dates back more than five decades to its origin in Jakarta, so it has a rich, respected heritage that's well-represented by irreproachably executed recipes - flavours here sing with a lovingly time-honoured sense of tradition, rounded out with potent herbs and spices. Once upon a time, Natrabu had outposts in KL Sentral and Kampung Baru, but those closed years ago; it's nice to have the brand returning to our city in a fairly comfortable setting.

Natrabu Malaysia
Level 1, No. 182, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Opposite Bangsar Shopping Centre. Generally open daily, 11am-3pm, 5pm-10pm.